Create a local SSH server (or proxy) for connection tunneling behind a proxy with authentication?

OS is Windows (any flavor, I can adapt). I’m having an issue where I need to connect to (and other services) and it only accepts port 995.

If I try to connect normally, it timeouts. If I manually connect through putty issuing CONNECT plus proxy credentials (username & password) the remote host disconnects me (which I think is a good thing, since I’m doing a simple HTTP/1.1 request).

Now, I need to know what kind of software I can use to create a -local- proxy, either using a specific software or SSH tunneling stuff, so my connections to localhost:600, for example, get redirected to BUT authenticating against the proxy I’m behind.

Any ideas?


Socat can probably do this. Binaries for windows are available here.

You can then use socat TCP-L:600,reuseaddr,fork,,proxyauth=user:pass,proxyport=8080.

Source : Link , Question Author : DARKGuy , Answer Author : user2313067

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