Could the Input/Output or some other difference between adapters/chargers cause this? [closed]

I have a laptop and my adapter/charger could not be used anymore as the cable was cut.
So I bought a new adapter but it was slightly different than the original.
My original had (Toshiba’s original):

Input: 100-240V ~ 1.5A  50-60Hz  
Output: 19V=====4.74A  

While the new one (no-name brand) has:

Input: 100-240V ~ ,2A  , 50-60Hz  
Output: 19V=====6.32A  

The problem is that although the laptop stays on, the battery does not get charged.I mean in order to use my laptop I have to have it always plugged-in.
I strongly believe that there is no problem with the battery since before the old adapter broke (cable cut-off) the battery was charging fine.

Could this be an issue in some difference between the adapters?


Yes, that’s probably the issue.

The new adapter is providing power outside of the safe operating limits of the battery (+25% Amperage and +25% voltage), so to protect itself from damage, the battery is not accepting the charge from the adapter. Next time you buy an adapter for a piece of electronics, make sure it’s compatible with what you’re buying it for.

Source : Link , Question Author : user76678 , Answer Author : HopelessN00b

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