coovachilli + freeradius, how to check how many users are currently login?

I installed CoovaChilli (AC) + freeradius in Ubuntu 10.10 successfully. How could I check how many user has already login and still remain active ?


I make possible this with this script or add-on, in his last version v2.0 Final operative functional, make possible say maxim number of guest, only a user for account, mac-ban ip-mac, mac-ip, list of user and connections and more features that your user do not know never. This add-on called Absoloom can be found at

Link´s version change whit time, but you can ever found the last version of this script in into prog-bbs section

I made another release more compact, in the same link full of features

Source : Link , Question Author : Cthoong , Answer Author : squillman

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