Connecting a Virtual Network on a Dell’s ESXi with a network in VMware Workstation without Bridging

I have a Dell Server ( connected to Windows laptop ( via regular Ethernet LAN. The Dell Server is running ESXi ( server on it. A Firewall VM (firewallsm, is running on the ESXi that has network / 27 behind it.

On the Windows laptop I have VMware Workstation installed, A Firewall VM (firewallwm, is running on it with the network / 27 behind it.

I wanted to connect the network running on ESXi ( to VMware Workstation’s Host-Only network on my laptop. I tried many things like route add mask, ICS (Internet Connection Sharing), putting the VMware Workstation’s Host-Only network in, adding a Bridged NIC in VMware Workstation, none of these worked, the Dell Server would just not ping the Host-Only ( interface of VMware Workstation even though both (dell and VMware Workstation Host-Only) were in the same network.

I eventually Bridged the windows Ethernet LAN (Connected to Dell) to Host-Only NIC of VMware Workstation (, and finally got it working but every now and then the Bridge causes BSoD with Bridge.sys file.

I need to know how can get the 2 networks connected without a Bridge, any router software I can use, or any other way.

Network Diagram


In this setup, Host only Mode is an isolated guest and Host Only prevents outside connections. You will need to use NAT or Bridged Network mode and I suggest using Bridged Mode.

The Server ESX should already be using Bridged Network Mode. Put your other machine Workstation Guest machine on its Bridged network and see if you can connect that way.

Here is a Settings VMware tutorial. ESXI is just Bridged networking; It does not have NAT mode.

Edit ESXi vSwitch0 configuration and change the promiscuous mode
inside the “security” tab from reject to accept, now the hosts who live inside the VM will be able to bridge the main VM adapter

Use Bridged Mode on the Workstation Guest mahcine. Keep everything on one subnet. Check on your workstation machines (real and guest) that Network Discovery is ON.

ESX Settings Mode

Source : Link , Question Author : Huud Rych , Answer Author : John

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