Connect to server share outside network

I have a server running SBS 2011 essentials, how do I go about setting up a connection, either to the server or a specific share?

Ive been trying mapping a network drive with the server IP (also set up dyndns account to eliminate any dynamic ip issues) but neither are working.

Any suggestions would be great!



You do not want to expose a Windows share (SMB) to the Internet. This is really dangerous. What you should do instead is create a Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN allows remote users to create a secure connection over the internet to your server. The advantage of this is that once connected, the remote users are directly connected to your network. They can access everything (or as little as you allow) inside your network, such as printers, servers, shares, etc.

Here is an article on how to set up VPN access on SBS 2011.

Source : Link , Question Author : Joe , Answer Author : Keltari

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