Common Practice for router setup in a business [closed]

At the company that I’m working for, we have one router (SonicWall TZ 210) and it occasionally go down during business hours. All I have to do to bring it back up is to power cycle the router but during this time all employees in the company has no access to the server, email, file, etc.

How does business deal with unexpected down time because the router needs to be rebooted? What is the common practice to setup something to prevent something like this? Is there a redundancy/backup router?


It shouldn’t be rebooting, trash it, maybe replace it. There are lots of options available for setting up redundant gateways, other network devices and even servers. Each manufacturer has their own way of doing this. It can also be done in software on regular servers for example with PFsense or Linux.

Source : Link , Question Author : Kirk , Answer Author : Ryan Babchishin

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