Cloning single disk drive to multiple drives simultaneously

I am looking for a way to clone single disk drive to more than one disk drive at the same time.

I have prepared system images on 1TB disks, and it takes almost 2 hours to clone one disk to another, and then it goes up exponentially, in order to have say 30 disks cloned.

If it was possible to clone one disk to more than single target, it would simplify whole procedure a lot.

Update: It seems like that the only viable solution is to use network cloning via multicast, as each software referenced in answers works in similar fashion.

Update 2: Can I ask answerers to tell me more about pros’n’cons of given approach? Can multicast work on any kind of network equipment? How about Unicast? How about reliability?


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I would use ghost in this situation.
There are alternatives that you may consider such as Clonezilla or
Mass Clone at

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