Clone ec2 instance with all things installed

I received a amazon email saying that i have to terminate my instance
because of attacks but worked really hard to install and setup
everything on the instance. So how can i create another instance with
the stuff that i installed on the current instance?



I guess the key word here is TERMINATE. You might be able to get away with stopping and starting your instance again immediately. If it’s EBS backed it will be a new instance and will be EXACTLY the same, other than the external IP address. Note that in this case you need to STOP your instance, NOT terminate. Terminate deletes the EBS disk.

To be safe, or if you need to actually terminate, take a snapshot of your EBS volume so you can restore it if you mess things up. It’s relatively easy to restore a snapshot to a new VM.

You possibly need to look at why you’re being attacked and try to mitigate that before you make your instance available on the internet.

Source : Link , Question Author : dcalixto , Answer Author : Tim

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