Check a list of passwords strength [closed]

Is there any way to check a list of passwords whether they strong or not?

I have a list of passwords, around 2000, and want to check them against this policy

  • Password must contain a minimum of eight (8) characters
  • Password must contain at least one letter
  • Password must contain at least one number
  • Password must contain at least one punctuation character

And count how many compliant with that policy before we save them.

Is there any tool, script or maybe rules in excel to do this instead of doing it manually?

Could you please help me?


Relevant xkcd comic is relevant.


And in any event, once you have passwords in plaintext, they’re not secure. So, you may as well discard all the passwords now and use any modern operating system or authentication scheme that will check passwords against a password policy for you, before accepting the password.

Because really, why not just hold onto the list of what everyone’s password is and be able to login as anyone?

Source : Link , Question Author : user144705 , Answer Author : HopelessN00b

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