centos 6.2 grub fails with a black screen with a blinking cursor, but works when manually entering boot command line

At $work we have a custom install of CentOS 6.2 (a pre-prepped image with a reduced set of packages).

The normal CentOS 6.2 install works fine.

The custom one fails to boot as follows:

  • grub starts up and displays the defined boot options
  • if we let it continue and try to boot, it gives the “a black screen with a blinking cursor” which is symptomatic of not finding the kernel
  • if we go to the grub command line and manually input exactly the same boot command as grub loaded from the grub.conf, the machine boots successfully.

my google-foo is failing here, anyone have suggestions or solution?


The initrd is actually initramfs in CentOS6 not initrd (as in CentOS5), so it was never finding the initrd to boot. (PEBCAK 🙁 ).

Source : Link , Question Author : Malcolm , Answer Author : Malcolm

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