Microsoft Deployment Toolkit: Missing install.wim for windows 8.1

I’m trying to setup a windows 8.1 deployment using Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2013 but I’m having trouble importing the operating system files. The sources directory in the Windows 8.1 installation disk contains an “install.esd” file, and not an “install.wim” file. I have gathered that install.esd is an encrypted version of install.wim and the only way … Read more

Custom WIM image to be deployed through SCCM 2007 r2

I have captured a WIM file using imagex. It is windows 7 with a few apps that wouldnt install properly. I now want to deploy this through SCCM but for some reason it keeps failing. When it loads the WinPE it reboots shortly afterward. The last error i got was error code 0x80040104. I wouldnt … Read more

dism unmount with commit on offline image and changes are still in pending status when remounted

Using dism to disable features in a offline Windows 2008 R2 wim image, executing cmd dism commands below: Before any changes: ServerCore-WOW64 | Enabled then feature is set to diabled: ServerCore-WOW64 | Disable Pending But when using the exact same commands to mount the wim again the feature is still in state: ServerCore-WOW64 | Disable … Read more

UltraVNC intigration with MDT

I’m trying to get UltraVNC integrated with WinPE to allow remote control over deployments in MDT 2012. These are the steps I’ve taken so far. Extracted winvnc.exe, vnchooks.dll to a directory that will place them into %SystemRoot%\System32 on WinPE when I update my deployment share. Created a ultravnc.ini file and added that in as well. … Read more

Trusted Sites in Captured Wim (Server 08 R2)

I have an inherited Windows Server 08 R2 .wim image used in MDT 2013. This image appears to contain custom Trusted Sites that are included after deployment, and stay there with every sysprep/capture when the image is updated. The background to this is that I’m looking for a way (preferably without GPO) to add system-level … Read more

Adding drivers to a non bootable drive

I have a server 2008 installation with a faulty motherboard. I have changed the motherboard and Windows blue screens on boot up. It is caused by the SATA drivers. I’m trying to find a method of installing the drivers manually without booting Windows. My first idea was to create a WIM and then inject the … Read more