Preventing operating systems from being installed on a server [closed]

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BlackList and WhiteList with windows server 2012r2 in Domain?

I’m trying to create Blacklist and Whitelist which dissallow or allow users in my domain installing certain softwares, programs. I just create a GPO in Company A OU, didn’t modify anything. When I using a user (name is KT1), login domain, I can’t install teamview, cool edit pro, … any .exe file. But navicat (.exe) … Read more

Whitelist ICMP traffic with iptables

I’m configuring iptables, for an Ubuntu Server VPS. It runs sshd, and various Dockerised web apps. It is not a router, and is not part of a complicated network. After researching the topic, I decided to respect ICMP. However, I’m using a whitelist, and only ACCEPT specific traffic: :INPUT DROP [0:0] :FORWARD DROP [0:0] :OUTPUT … Read more

nginx special directory whitelist extension

How can i set white list extension for special directory for my virtual host. I have bower installation of my webapp and i install many bower component into bower_components directiry of root of virtual host /vhostroot /bower_components /foo /bar index.php how can i set nginx white list extension on bower_components directory for example css,js,woff and … Read more

windows 10 firewall: block any ip address but one

i have just enabled remote desktop on a windows 10 computer, and in fact when i telnet to 3389 port from any other computer i can reach that service, but what i want is to deny the connection from any computer but a specific one (, so i have issued the commands below: netsh advfirewall … Read more

VPN To Provide A Static IP Address [closed]

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Any way to Improve performance of iptables DDOS whitelist? [closed]

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Whitelist domain name for to allow a test to run

Using a 4G Router (HUAWEI B315) with a domain name whitelist to prevent excessive data usage. It will only allow our custom API through. However when testing the router at new venues it would be great to run speed tests without removing the domain name whitelist everytime. So this is an example of the current … Read more

Secure server accessing R repository

Disclaimer: Please forgive my complete ignorance and lack of knowledge with this subject. I am not an IT professional nor do I have experience with secure networks/servers or R. I just happen to be the person roped into this and am completely lost. I was sent here from StackOverflow because this apparently a server issue … Read more