I can ssh to server C on server B, but got timeout when I ssh to server C tunneling through server B

Suppose I am on computer A and eventually I want to ssh into server C. However, server C has IP restrictions so I have to ssh to server B first as a gateway. The situation is: 1) if I first ssh into server B, and ssh into server C under the shell of server B, … Read more

Assign public IP to server on LAN that is behind router with periodically changing IP

I plan to create following network configuration: VPS-SSD Server at OVH (KVM based AFAIK): Arch Linux public IPV4 address P1 on eth0 public IPV4 adderss P2 (not assigned to any device) Linksys EA3500 router with OpenWRT installed. Public dynamic IPv4 address D1 on WAN interface from DHCP, changed periodically by network provider. One VLAN V1 … Read more

xrdp localhost only to enable access only through ssh tunnel

I am having several brute force attacks in my server through SSH and XRDP, so im using sshguard to avoid them through ssh, but i can’t find a way to protect the RDP access. I found that the best way to so it is just enabling rdp access through ssh tunnel and then sshguard could … Read more

ssh reverse tunnel and Iptables

I have setup a reverse ssh tunnel using the following command between a Linux laptop and a remote server: ssh -4nNT -R 2222:localhost:22 somehost.com That is, the laptop, which is behind a firewall, can be accessed over ssh using the following command: ssh -p 2222 -l joe somehost.com on sshd_config of somehost.com, i have enabled … Read more

Automate SSH reverse tunnel on Raspberry Pi

For many days, I’ve wondered how to automate the establishment of a reverse tunnel. I’ve many remote Raspberry using NAT inside their LANs, and one Raspberry that I use as server, reachable from the Internet. I’ve implemented on my website a system to send to remote Raspberries single commands. Every remote Raspberry checks every minute … Read more

Putty: Local port 80 forwarding to localhost:80 failed: Network error: Permission denied

In putty, I have the following: Session hostname:username@azurecontainsersvc_mgmt.eastus.cloudapp.azure.com port: 2200 Connection>SSH>Tunnels L80 localhost:80 Connection>SSH>Auth Private key: my_public_key.ppk Ans when I connect, it asks me for my password, everything looks great, but I get access denied. I have tried running as admin with the same results. 2017-05-02 11:28:37 Connecting to [IP_Address] port 2200 2017-05-02 11:28:37 We … Read more