Access to vCenter Server (in private network) from the Internet through vSphere Client [closed]

Closed. This question is off-topic. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Update the question so it’s on-topic for Server Fault. Closed 8 years ago. Improve this question I have a vCenter server as a VM on my DPER710 in my internal network. DPE is connected to switch, switch is connected … Read more

Is there a Juniper limitation on the number of SA in ‘any to any’ ACL in IKEv1

I’ve connected Juniper SRX5800 and another enodeB device (don’t know the vendor) by an IPSec tunnel. It uses IKEv1 for negotiation of keys. there are 10 ACLs on the enodeB side and on Juniper SRX, I have configured ip-to-any ACLs for all 10 enodeB IP addresses. When in this setup, I observe that only 5 … Read more

cannot access srx220 router from browser

I can’t access my SRX220 juniper router from any browser. It hangs for a long time and shows a message like No data Received. I can access it through cli prompt and can see the logs. All web management configurations are proper but still giving the above error. Observed in the messages log like Failed … Read more

Need advice on Juniper OSPF networking

I have been thrown in to this project because of a coworker’s termination. I have a set of Juniper SRX 550 Routers. I need to create an OSPF network that passes all traffic (All subnets) as if it were a straight patch cable between switches. The routers have to be plugged in unmanaged to switches … Read more

Juniper SRX 240 dynamic VPN soft timeout

I have been struggling with this for over 2 weeks now and tried everything i possibly can. The Dyanmic vpn connection works fine, but the pulse client randomly pop’s up with a password promt and disconnects if the password is not re-entered. I found this KB :… Basicly it says : When the Pulse Dynamic … Read more