Which mobile VPN type, of IPSec, SSL/TLS, and SSH, would be better for travelling workers? [closed]

Closed. This question needs details or clarity. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Add details and clarify the problem by editing this post. Closed 1 year ago. Improve this question Not too sure on the specifics of each that would make one better for travelling. Answer I think you might … Read more

about networking and VPN connections between different sites

Hello everyone, i have a general networking question about an infrastructure described at the scheme above. We have multiple sites connected at the HQs via Site2Site VPN using zyxel zywall routers/fw . Each site has 1 lan like this: site 1: 192.168.1.X/24 site 2: 192.168.2.X/24 site 3: 192.168.3.X/24 HQ: 192.168.10.X/24 I want to connect a … Read more

Azure point-to-site VPN can’t reach subnet

I have a VNet with 2 address spaces: and VPN Gateway with GatewaySubnet and address pool. I am able to make a connection and reach VMs in the space, but not space. I have no custom routes. The effective routes and effective security look identical on machines in both … Read more

Azure VPN point-to-site Client Connection Not Connecting

I have downloaded the VPN Client zip file from azure. I have managed to install it, but When I try to connect to the VPN, I get the error “A certificate could not be found that can be used with this Extensible Authentication Protocol. (Error 798)”. I have tried these instructions, but installing the certificate … Read more

OpenVPN vpn chaining

Background I have two networks: Home network Servers network My home’s network contains a VPN server. My Servers network contain another VPN server. The only way to my computer to log into the server’s network is by creating a VPN connection to the home network first. Then, create another VPN connection to the server’s network. … Read more

Azure P2S VPN routing issue

I set up a Virtual Network on Azure a few days ago and connected our local business Network through a site-to-site VPN Connection with the virtual network. Everything is working fine so far. Then I also set up a Point-to-site VPN connection with my personal computer to connect to the virtual network of azure. This … Read more

Printing remotely to a remote location through vpn

We have set a VPN in the office using WatchGuard Mobile VPN with SSL through port 444. It is working fine but we have a requirement which I’vevbeen told cannot be done. We want that someone that is connected in the network can print in a label printer in a remote warehouse. The remote warehouse … Read more

Azure P2S VPN connection ECP certificate authentication issue: Error (13801) IKE Authentication credentials are unacceptable

I’m setting up a P2S configuration on an Azure VPN Gateway. I’m attempting to use machine certificate authentication and IKEv2. I’m using the built in Windows 10 (1909) client and self generated certificates using powershell. I can make the connection work using DH Group 2, however my connection fails once I switch DH Group to … Read more

Cannot connect to local sql server while connected to a vpn and split tunnel is enabled

I’m trying to connect to my local sql server while vpn is connected but it throws an error saying ‘The target principal name is incorrect. Cannot generate SSPI context. (.Net SqlClient Data Provider)’. Split tunneling is enabled but it does not resolve the issue. If I disconnect from the vpn I can connect to the … Read more