Why does hitting Enter on the keypad cause inadvertent switch to different workbook?

Client is using Office 2013 on a desktop running Windows 8.1 Pro. She usually is working with several spreadsheets open and at times when she hits the enter button of her number pad she changes to a totally different workbook and whatever she had just entered into the cell is gone. She has told me … Read more

Excel 2013: Refresh data connection failing, tries to open the file instead

EDIT: I might have solved it, without knowing what the cause was. I’m still running tests to determine if it sticks, but from a user where the connection worked as expected I exported a connection file and then saved the workbook while the data connection was set to always use this connection file. We’re working … Read more

Have SOLD items removed from Excel sheet?

Trying to insert formula in all total categories at the bottom so that when something is sold, highlighted in red, the cost/profit/etc is removed from the total. Here is the excel sheet. https://www.dropbox.com/home?preview=Random.xlsx Item Paid Worth Today Parts Needed Worth Retail Sold Profit Markup % Gross Margin Ratio 2005 Ford GT $1.70 $6.00 $8.00 $(1.70) … Read more

Sumifs(): Limiting the sum_range and criteria_range as to optimize calculation speed when data is sorted.

I have a sorted data set that’s about 50,000 rows long with data that looks like the following: In it I have about 3 columns similar to the total column shown here that performs a pretty simple sumifs() calculation. The problem is that all three happen at the same time and all three look at … Read more

Excel data connection updating all data EXCEPT one specific column

Using Excel 2013. So I have a workbook (let’s called it book B) that pulls a table from another workbook (the source file, book A). No fancy connections or custom queries, I’ve used the Excel interface for everything, changing nothing but disabling the background refresh. The problem arises when I update the original table in … Read more

Remove Duplicates inconsistently choosing which records to delete

So generally when using the remove duplicates function in Excel the oldest record will be kept – and that’s exactly what I want to happen! But recently when running Remove Duplicates, it is automatically deleting the oldest entry and keeping the new one — which is messing up my data collection. Please can you advise … Read more