MDT 2012 Autologin fails

When running a task on MDT 2012, it fails to auto login and finish it’s processes. I verified that the registry is not updated to autologin. I also verified that the info was correct the unattend.xml. Any reason as to what would cause this. Why wouldn’t it modify the registry to auto login? Thanks Answer … Read more

How can I get MDT 2012 Update 1/SCCM 2012 SP1 to NOT apply my OS to D: when using USMT?

I have a UDI deployment task sequence setup with MDT 2012 UPdate 1 and SCCM 2012 SP1, and when I try to deploy Windows 7 to a machine with an OS already on it, WinPE assigns the System Reserved partition the C: drive, and the OS the D: drive. This is fine when I choose … Read more

Automate HP ProtectTools using MDT

Our company is currently using HP ProtectTools to perform Drive Encryption on our HP laptops. I recently built an MDT 2012 Deployment Share to automate our imaging process and would like to find a way to create an unattended or silent install of HP ProtectTools (and its Drive Encryption component) to use with MDT. I … Read more

UltraVNC intigration with MDT

I’m trying to get UltraVNC integrated with WinPE to allow remote control over deployments in MDT 2012. These are the steps I’ve taken so far. Extracted winvnc.exe, vnchooks.dll to a directory that will place them into %SystemRoot%\System32 on WinPE when I update my deployment share. Created a ultravnc.ini file and added that in as well. … Read more

MDT does not automatically select the correct task sequence on reboot of client system

I have a pretty good (automated) MDT setup (with no SCCM) but when the client computer reboots, it asks for the task list that it needs to execute. I want it to keep choosing the same task sequence until the task sequence is done (it reboots multiple times). How would I accomplish this? Extra info: … Read more

Changing the path that the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit uses with WDS

I’m a system administrator for a hosting company, and we’re looking to integrate the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit into our existing WDS setup for automating our client VM setups. I’ve already configured MDT and the task sequences for what we’re looking to do, and we have WDS setup with our fully sysprepped and captured images. The … Read more

WDS – Image Install/Deploy Time

Was wondering if others could provide some feedback. I’ve been tasked with setting up a WDS server to deploy images to workstations over the network. I’ve gotten it up and running, captured my first image, and just finished deploying it to a workstation. My question is, for an image (.WIM file) that is approximately 16 … Read more

MDT messed up BCD file settings/location when PXE booting, error 0xc000000f

I have a MDT setup here which worked fine until I updated the Windows image to 1903 recently and made some other changes. Now the PXE boot on clients fails with error “0xc000000f”, missing boot configuration data files in folder \Tmp\ of the remote installation share. File names are <architecture>{<some UUID>}.bcd, e.g. x64uefi{ABC-XYZ-…}.bcd. Screenshot of … Read more