Share a Linux Host’s Folder With a Windows Guest Without Networking [closed]

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Install ProxMox AND cPanel [closed]

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is it possible to load virtual machine to memory like that of a live cd

Can we create and run a virtual machine that uses RAM only or minimized HDD usage. That is same as the working concept as that of live CD. I know It is possible,but still confused,whether it can be implemented. Answer If you have sufficient ram, create a large tmpfs ram drive and put your hard … Read more

Knowing when a qemu vm shutdown (initiated via telnet using QMP) is finished

When I start a qemu (Windows Server 2003) virtual machine with -qmp tcp:,server,nowait I can make it shutdown with the following script #!/bin/bash telnet 4444 <<JSON { “execute”: “qmp_capabilities” } { “execute”: “system_powerdown” } JSON But there are two problems: the script exits with $? = 1 and says “Connection closed by foreign host”. … Read more

dnsmasq is forwarding plain names

when I do a dig virtualserver1 from outside mymachine I get the ip address but I specifically added domain-needed rule. It should not return ip addresses plain names but it does. my /etc/dnsmasq.conf domain-needed bogus-priv server= server= my /etc/hosts localhost system # kvm addresses virtualserver1 Answer AttributionSource : Link , Question Author … Read more