memory usage per user in SGE cluster

I would like to automate the estimation of monthly memory usage of all jobs performed by a given user in my cluster (SGE, ubuntu). I have seen there are many tools to compute the current memory usage for a particular user, but I want to calculate the CPU usage of the submitted jobs. Is this … Read more

Verify in ExecStartPre if bash binary exists

I want my service to start only if another service is not active. To do so, as explained in this other question, I am going to do: ExecStartPre=/bin/bash -xc ‘/usr/bin/systemctl is-active –quiet other-unit.service && exit 1 || exit 0’ However, there is a small possibility that the OS does not include /bin/bash. In that case, … Read more

“Dezentral” job management with redundancy/load balancing

I search a job management solution for local processes. Usually they run for some weeks. At the moment I use a jenkins, but there the server is not restartable (security updates) and there is no redudancy. If one server goes offline, all the jobs should be rebalanced to the online servers. It is okay to … Read more