HTML5 Audio not working for Android

I am creating a page with an embedded audio player that works on all systems I have tested, except on Android. The players do appear on the page, but you cannot start them playing. I’ve tried both the <audio> tag and SoundManager 2, checked whether the device does normally play mp3 files with HTML5 Audio … Read more

SSL lock does not show in browser address bar when URL contains .php [closed]

Closed. This question is off-topic. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Update the question so it’s on-topic for Server Fault. Closed 9 years ago. Improve this question I have installed SSL Certificate in my hosted machine. And Forced to redirect it to “https” location. It also work when it redirected … Read more

nginx proxypass for video/audio from amazon cloud drive

I have a mp3 file on my amazon cloud drive: How can I make nginx proxy_pass to play this audio on chrome? I need to get content range header, then send the content-range header to proxy server. Configuration: location /match/here.mp3 { proxy_pass; } And the link is: Simple when I enter this link … Read more

Systematically add fragment to URLs

I have a mean-stack website with html5mode enabled. In index.html, I have <base href=”/1/” />. And I have the following nginx setting such that becomes automatically ( remains location ~* ^/\b(?!1|stylesheets|js)\w+\b/? { rewrite .* /1$request_uri redirect; } Now, I have to add a special library, which unfortunately disables html5mode. So I am … Read more

webm html5 videos lose connection with apache server

webm html5 videos that are played through a domain on my server sometimes lose connection. A video that is playing will start to buffer and then stop part of way through with that message “Video playback aborted due to a network error.” displayed on the html5 video player. I am delivering the webm videos via … Read more

Redirect all request to index.html but allow redirect from index.html to other page

How can I redirect all unknown request to index.html and allow access (redirect) from index.html to other page within same directory. In my index.html I have submit button , when I click on that It will call perl script , then depends on response the JS will redirect to success page . So far I … Read more

HTML5 media loading sometimes suspends or aborts: misconfigured Apache?

Recently, some code that has been working fine for months started to run unexpectedly. That code is just a media files loading JavaScript function, that uses jQuery. It’s pretty long, but in essence it is like this: var $audio=$(‘<audio>’); $audio.on(‘canplaythrough’,function(e){ $audio[0].play(); }); $audio.attr(‘src’,’song.ogg’); Basically, the file only loads sometimes, and sometimes stops loading with a … Read more

IIS failing to serve MP4 other than to a desktop browser

I’m using the HTML5 video tag as follows: <html> <body> <video> <source src=”″ type=’video/mp4′ /> </video> </body> </html> I’ve got an IIS mime-type for .mp4 set up as video/mpeg, and I’m serving this over https. The video plays fine while using firefox on a desktop, but when I try on a mobile device, the page … Read more