What is the best way to setup a heartbeat agent for failover between two VMs? [closed]

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Heartbeat node that was kicked out doesn’t rejoin virtual IP service [closed]

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Set default route to virtual ip

I have a Virtual private cloud running on 10.0.0.x. In this network two machines share a virtual ip to provide HA and connection to the internet via aaa.bbb.ccc.164. There configs are: Proxy1: eth0:0 inet addr:aaa.bbb.ccc.164 Bcast:aaa.bbb.ccc.255 Mask: eth1 inet addr: Bcast: Mask: Kernel IP routing table Destination Gateway Genmask Flags Metric Ref Use Iface … Read more

HAProxy / Heartbeat – multiple floating IPs

I have successfully PoC’d the use of two HAProxy servers w/ heartbeat to load balance traffic between two squid servers with pass through Kerberos authentication in our shared services office. I’ve been exploring the idea of separating internal load balancing from our Citrix NetScalers that currently have a leg both inside the private network and … Read more

Pacemaker monitoring mysql

I have Pacemaker+Corosync set up to manage a shared IP address between two Mysql boxes in Master-Master/Active-Passive setup (using interleaved primary keys). I have Pacemaker set up to manage the shared IP between the two machines, however, it currently only migrates the IP when a node is down rather than when there is a problem … Read more

Linux HA cluster w/Xen, Heartbeat, Pacemaker. domU does not failover to secondary node

I am having the followig problem with an OenSuSE + Heartbeat + Pacemaker + Xen HA cluster: when the node a Xen domU is running on is “dead” the Xen domU running on it is not restarted on the second node. The cluster is setup with two nodes, each running OpenSuSE-11.3, Heartbeat 3.0, and Pacemaker … Read more

Cannot access LAN virtual IP from WAN using iptables NAT

Here’s the setup: 2 servers running CentOS 5.6 (hostnames = “master1” and “master2”) “master1” LAN IP is and WAN IP is 184.107.x.1 “master2” LAN IP is and WAN IP is 184.107.x.2 Apache + Heartbeat installed on both, with “master1” as primary for httpd service in haresources. Apache binds to virtual IP (started … Read more

How do I set up virtual IPs on a private LAN?

I am setting up heartbeat on a few servers that will only be responding on the private lan (192.168.1.x). We are using a sonicwall 2400 router. How do I go about setting up some of those IPs to be virtual, so that heartbeat will listen to them and I don’t have to bind them to … Read more