Windows Server 2008 with Windows 7 clients and legacy databases

We have an application that uses DBF files – users run the application on their own machines and access the data on the server via a share. This application is installed on thousands of sites, with all combinations of Windows 2000/XP and Windows Server from 2000 up to 2008. Some users (on multiple different sites) … Read more

Reverse Proxy on ClientHello with bad security (e.g. WinXP)

XP seems to be a lot of “fun”, these days with security especially since the security features XP DOES support are being phased out day by day. for all those who want to drop XP there is always the problem that the people wont be able to access the site, especially since Google Prefers HTTPS … Read more

How to improve availability of a old legacy java application in AWS

I have a old java application running on an AWS EC2 but a couple of times per week the application is very slow or down and I have to restart the system which is very bad for our clients. It’s an old application and it’s using a lot of the local file system and also … Read more

Does Xeon Harpertown (E5400 series) support ECC DDR3?

Is it possible to use Xeon E5450 with 8GB (preferably 16GB) DIMMs of DDR3 Registered Buffered ECC RAM? I checked Intel’s Spec page for Xeon E5450 and Wikipedia Xeon#Harpertown Harpertown spec table Information paragraph None explicitly mention ECC (specifically DDR3 ECC) with regard to Harpertown Xeon. However the information paragraph does mention that the Seaburg … Read more

Why are these packages removed when installing ufw on Debian 6?

I have a very old legacy server running Debian 6.0.10, from which I’m gradually moving things to Debian 10 on a fresh server. There haven’t been any real issues, although I’m well aware there may be vulnerabilities. So as a temporary security measure I thought I’d install ufw while the work proceeds (slowly). However, it … Read more

Where can I download VMWare Tools for 1.x?

Please can you show me where I can download the latest Version of VMWare Tools for the following Client: Server is Windows 2003 32 bit with VMWare Server 1.x (Yes, I know 1.x is old. We will upgrade later soon but not now.) Client is Windows 2003 32 bit I could not find the installer … Read more

Networking Problem MrxSmb event 50 “Delayed Write Failed” errors occurring all of the sudden

JUST THIS MONTH, we have started getting reports from a number of very stable clients that MrxSmb event id 50 errors keep appearing in their system event logs. Otherwise, they do not appear to have any networking problems except that there is a critical legacy application which seems to either be generating the MrxSmb errors … Read more