How can I know the maximum allowed number of forks for a process in Ubuntu?

I am using process control in PHP to create forks. My server’s operating system is Ubuntu. How can I know what is the capacity of my server in handling those forks? Is there a limit? And if so, can I change it? Answer Looking at the output of sysctl kernel.pid_max. The default should be 32768. … Read more

fork/vfork are failing but return an out of bounds errno

I have a piece of software running on a 64 bit Cent 5.8 Final box, kernel 2.6.18. This piece of software using fork and vfork. Recently some failures occurred, and in my logging I can see that fork or vfork failed, emitting a return code of -1. Cool, everything one would expect after a system … Read more

Is there any way to start mongo-connector in linux as a background process?

I am using mongo-connector to synchronize data between MongoDB and SOLR. I am working in RedHat 7 OS Server, I wanted to run the mongo-connector command as fork process in Server OS, since i need a realtime synchronization without any interruption. I am issuing the command sudo mongo-connector -m localhost:27017 -t http://localhost:8983/solr/Search –auto-commit-interval=0 -d solr_doc_manager … Read more

Unable to fork children even after exiting previous ones

I have a CentOS VM on which I’m running a php socket server, that forks on every connection. The child process does its job and then exits. The parent is also waiting to reap the dead zombie process (I have checked the ps auxf output) pcntl_wait($status, WNOHANG); is executed after before every fork, so that … Read more

In Linux/bash how can I prevent asynchronous commands?

I have a makefile that calls external build scripts. Some of these scripts (which I can’t change) make use of commands that are forked / backgrounded (or asynchronous as the bash manual names them) That means that the next line in the makefile can start before some of the previous command finishes – creating a … Read more

Forking and memory allocation question

I have inherited a Perl script that runs on an EC2 instance which basically crawls a bunch of URL’s for data (aka scraping). The way this script is invoked is via a shell script that forks multiple of these perl scripts. There could be hundreds of these Perl scripts running at any given point depending … Read more

How Puppet handles manifests in terms of processes?

I want to find out how Puppet handles manifests: in master process or Puppet forks it to execute in child process? It necessary for me to know what exactly do puppet master while handling manifests, because I need to push some default configurations into “container” running on “client” machine. That “client” node is the slave … Read more