Does duplicate machine SID cause problems with Remote Desktop?

I am currently working on a Windows 8.1 image for Dell Venue Pro 11 and have been having some issues with generalizing the image with SysPrep. I am not planning on placing the tablets in a domain, however if you were to login from such a tablet with a non-unique SID to a domain server … Read more

One established server reports “Invalid SID” for a new Samba user

We have two linux samba servers authenticating against LDAP that have been working fine for some time. Recently I added a new user to LDAP. He can log in fine to one server, but the other reports an “invalid SID” id (passdb/passdb.c:lookup_global_sam_name(596)). His SID follows the same pattern as everyone elses, and it works on … Read more

lsass.exe has different version on different Windows 7 x64 machines

On most of machines lsass.exe has version 6.1.7601.23002 On several machines lsass.exe has version 6.1.7601.18798 I suspect that this is a cause of errors “Unknown SID type S-1-18-1” after our DC were upgraded to Server 2012 – all machines with 6.1.7601.18798 exibit this problem and machines with 6.1.7601.23002 do not. Currently all Windows 7 machines … Read more

Microsoft AD DS group membership verification when authorizing user

Can somebody point out to documentation or explain how verification works in AD DS when it is necessary to authorize user to perform some actions. As far as I remember user’s SID or token should contain groups’ SIDs added into it, but what I want to clarify is whether to verify/take authorization decision AD DS … Read more

Remove security permissions from AD objects for old SID´s

I have the following problem. Recently we have migrated from Notes/Domino to Exchange 2010. We had some problems with the first installation. In case of that we decided to reinstall Exchange. Stupid was that we deleted some Exchange objects from the AD withe the Active Directory Users and Computers management tool. Thereby a simple reinstallation … Read more

Why doesn’t shared config on IIS 7.5 replicate app pool identity SIDs?

We have an IIS 7.5 server farm set up using shared config. The config files were exported to a network share accessible to both machines. We know the shared config is working because everything is synched — new sites, site bindings, URL rewrite rules — everything except the app pool identity SIDs. Creating an app … Read more