Barracuda WAF + Elastic Beanstalk [closed]

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Installing IDE and GUI inside Elastic Beanstalk

I am attempting to make a development environment in elastic beanstalk, which will be similar to a production environment. I would like to have an IDE installed in the environment, and have graphical desktop to work with. I can create all this in a new instance, and create an AMI out of it, but that … Read more

Can I give detailed status information to the Elastic Beanstalk load balancer?

I am using a health-check URL to allow Elastic Beanstalk to poll the health of my instances. I would like traffic to be distributed according to some internal state of each instance. Currently I just return status 200. Can I send detailed health information, e.g. a “health score” that the load-balancer will use to direct … Read more

Is it possible to use PHP on a website hosted on AWS S3 without using EC2 or Elastic Beanstalk?

I have a bit of PHP (a contact form to be exact) that isn’t working right now on my website. I’d like to activate the PHP and I heard one of the ways is to use Elastic Beanstalk. However, Elastic Beanstalk engages EC2 which can be costly. I’d like to know if there are ways … Read more

Forwarding HTTP to HTTPS on Elastic Beanstalk load balancer

I’m using Elastic Beanstalk, and I installed my SSL certificate in the load balancer of an EC2 instance belonging to the EB. Every time the server is not healthy, the load balancer delete the instance and creates a new one, which means I’m gonna lose my redirection codes and SSL certificate that are set up … Read more

How to hide address from public(search engine crawlers)

I have purchased a domain from godaddy( mentioning here as ). I have hosted my website on aws using elasticbeanstalk which has generated a cname (mentioning here as Now in godaddy I have done 2 configurations: 1. Forward to 2. Mapped cname www to & opens properly in … Read more

New domain on aws elastic beanstalk

I have a nodejs app running on elastic beanstalk. I have a domain registered through GoDaddy and a cname that points to Can I point my domain to aws nameservers, instead of mapping that domain to the domain that eb has set up? This is how I would like to set up my domain, … Read more

AWS EB deployment errors – No module named cfnbootstrap

I am trying to deploy my application on AWS Elastic Beanstalk, it states some errors when the process is completed and reading the logs this is what I’ve found: File “/opt/aws/bin/cfn-get-metadata”, line 18, in <module> import cfnbootstrap ImportError: No module named cfnbootstrap (Executor::NonZeroExitStatus) Why is this happening? is this module supposed to be already installed … Read more