Is it possible to have high internet speed with low bandwidth?

I just came to understand that the bandwidth is just the difference between the highest and the lowest frequency of transmission. And i also have and understanding that higher the frequency ==> higher the speed as more data can be transmitted in one second. Suppose the lowest bandwidth and highest bandwidth are close but both … Read more

Why is my scaling_max_freq stuck at 1GHz (on a Core Duo processor)

I recently setup an old Thinkpad T60 as a secondary desktop (via a docking station), but when I tried it, it was feeling sluggish and I soon figured that it was somehow stuck at 1GHz, even tho its processor can go up to 1.83GHz (it’s a Core Duo T2400). I’m running Debian stable on this … Read more

How do I change the minimum working frequency?

The file /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_min_frequency reads a value of 800 Mhz. The powertop tool also suggested that 800 Mhz w3as the minimum frequency being used. I changed the above-mentioned file to 1.6 GHz and monitored powertop tool again. To my surprise, it still said that the minimum frequency was 800 MHz instead of 1.6 GHz. Answer Run … Read more

Memory clock on DDR2 modules lower than expected

I’ve performed a memory upgrade on a Dell Precision T7400. The official user guide states: Specifications Memory type: 667- or 800-MHz fully-buffered DDR2 SDRAM fully-buffered DIMMs (FBDs) Minimum memory: 1 GB Maximum memory: 64 GB with optional memory riser cards, 32 GB standard I am not using memory risers. I have 8 x 4GB Samsung … Read more

How can I get RAM frequency from the OS X low-level terminal?

How can I get RAM frequency from the OS X low-level terminal? Which comand can help in this situation? Answer The system_profiler is your friend, From within Terminal you can type man system_profiler for more information. Type q at any time to exit the man page. To get all your memory information, you can use … Read more

Does cpu consume power differently while executing instructions and while being idle?

Why does a CPU consume different quantities of power at 2Ghz when it is executing an instruction it is not executing any instruction Should’nt the CPU be consuming same power irrespective of whether it is executing an instruction or not ? (since power is depends on frequency and not the execution of instruction) Answer Ah … Read more

How to mearsure the average cpu frequency in linux?

I’m trying to measure the average cpu frequency in an DVFS enabled cpu for specific interval , the obvious way of periodically sampling /proc/cpuinfo has very large variants. The cpufreq-stats driver gave me some hope ,e.g. cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/stats/time_in_state 2600000 118148 2000000 8562 1600000 11041 1200000 3428602 # lots of ticks is idle ticks but unfortunately … Read more

Intel Turbo not working in CentOS 7 with Intel Xeon Scalable (and other newer CPUs)

We have a small cluster where I work, that I look after. The nodes run CentOS 7.5. Our older nodes use Xeon E5 v4 CPUs, mostly the E5-2699 v4. With the older nodes, the Intel Turbo Boost works properly, and individual cores of the CPU are free to ramp all the way up to the … Read more