Creating or exporting an image of an LVM filesystem that is portable.

There is an important machine in my department which must be backed up. It uses lvm2 to span its various partitions over two 80G PATA hard drives (lvm tools output: I have tried using clonezilla to image the drives, but it is being difficult. I may have gotten a good image of it by … Read more

The best way to copy OS on RAID10 and lvm partition

I need to backup/clone the entire operating system. The problem is it’s 2TB of data on lvm partition and RAID10 (i do not know is it dedicated controller or fake RAID in BIOS. Probably the second option) Which tool will be the best for this ? Ghost does not support the lvm partition dd is … Read more

How do I create a bootable drive from a partition using Clonezilla?

I have a 500GB HDD with two partitions on it. A 40 GB OS partition (Windows Server 2008 R2), and a 420GB data partition. I would like to split these partitions off to two physical drives. (A 120GB SSD and a 1TB HDD) My issue is, when I use Clonezilla to copy the OS partition … Read more

Disaster recovery options for my lone server running W2K3 std

What is the best disaster recovery option for my machine running W2K3 std edition? I have already imaged my machine using Clonezilla and I have also taken a backup using Windows Automated System Recovery tool. However, I am worried neither of these options are robust enough to recover onto a machine that has significant hardware … Read more

Modify Clonezilla boot parameters on generated images/ISOs

I can take a Clonezilla-generated ISO and extract the contents, then manually edit the syslinux.cfg (and other .cfg’s) to adjust the boot parameters after creating the ISO, then repackaging it up. However, I’d like to be able to have these boot parameters be changed while creating the images instead of having to throw in several … Read more

How to P2V a RAIDed IBM Netfinity 7100 W2000 server

I have a legacy machine from IBM (A Netfinity 7100) running a Windows 2000 SP4 server OS. We are trying to move it to a virtual environment (KVM under Linux) to decommission this old, costly hardware. We have tried everything we know so far with no luck. This machine is also configured with SCSI drives … Read more