Iso/iec 11801. What is a “Consolidation Point” enclosure?

I’m reading iso/iec 11801 standar, so i found that the consolidation point helps to the administration for relocating cables, I thought it would be a patch panel or something like this, but, the standar says that a Consolidation Point can’t be used for cross-connect, what is this enclosure or how can I find it commercially? … Read more

Cable management in HP branded networking racks

I have HP 11842 racks (H6J69A) for networking equipment. Does anyone use those in their datacenters? Some advice for cable management inside the rack would be highly useful. Photos from existing installations welcome! Currently I’m investigating what are the best practices for cable management. The idea is to mount networking equipment with ports to the … Read more

PVC raceway/conduit for CAT5e/CAT6/CAT6A cable

This is probably a bunch of stupid questions . The scenario is of running a few (5-6) CAT cables (version undecided, depending on costs). The scenario would be something like this :- a 3G USB modem – 3G router having single LAN port – 16-port switch – 4-5 computers each spaced 2-3 feet apart from … Read more

Odd Network Cable Color Coding Sequence

I just got hired into a new company where no IT has been before. My first task was to identify the possible problems. This is what I first saw, when checking on the cables connected to the switch, I noticed a different color coding in this order: White-green Green White-orange Orange White-blue Blue White-brown Brown … Read more