Solaris Service not showing any status in svcs

I’m creating a solaris service using SMF by following steps: Create SMF manifest Import manifest via svccfg Enable it using svcadm Check status using svcs Now in this process i had frequently added/deleted/modified the manifest. Sometimes i killed the service also. But suddenly it stopped showing any status in svcs. No logs are being generated … Read more

SFTP – Unable to Overwrite File – “EOF received from remote side”

I am working with a customer to troubleshoot an error they have when trying to overwrite/”PUT” a file to our SFTP site. When the root directory is empty and they try to upload the file there is no problem but when they try to overwrite an existing file this is when the error occurs. The … Read more

on M5000, can i install only 3 domains?

i am looking if it’s possible to only install an odd number of domain in the M5000? i have already check some links like this How many domains can you configure on a Sun M5000 system? and Oracle’s documentation but all of them would say what is the maximum that can be configured. i know … Read more


is possible to install FreeNas server on Sun Sparc Enterprise T5240 (Hardware compatibility),and how to do that? Thanks Answer as @Vladimir Botka is not possible as FreeNas 11.2 version look like as alternative could be Debian/ with ProxMox Ve for virtualization. AttributionSource : Link , Question Author : Zaman Oof , Answer Author : Zaman … Read more

solaris performances on comparable Sun / Dell / HP boxes

I understand this might be a little vague, but has anyone conducted some study of the performances of Solaris OS running on comparable (same CPU / RAM) boxes made by Sun, Dell, and HP ? we’re all Sun / Solaris and considering other HW vendors. considering the historical link between the HW and the OS, … Read more

“The Sun Management Center server is being initialized. Retry?” error on SunMC 4.0 console

I have installed the SunMC on my V490 server. And after the es-inst, es-setup, when I run the “es-start -c” it will show the login screen. After I login, it will hang on the “Welcome to Sun Management Center” window and after a long while will pop up an alert message saying “The Sun Management … Read more

Sun X4100: “LSI Configuration Utility Text Strings Image memory error!”

We have a used X4100 (not M2). It has an option during the boot process that says LSI Logic Corp. MPT SAS BIOS MPTBIOS- (2005.11.03) Copyright 2000-2005 LSI Logic Corp. Press Ctrl+C to start LST Logic Configuration Utility… I type Ctrl+C Then the last line changes Please wait, invoking LSI Logic Configuration Utility… After a … Read more