ACPu cache with a cron job

My sites homepage first time access load time is between 5-8 seconds. Once I’m on my website all pages load fast. And if I access the homepage directly again it will load instantly. I set up a script to have just the hompage cached. Looking at my apc.php dashboard, the cache is flushed after … Read more

Getting APCUPSD working with PowerChute (pcnet)

After configuring apcupsd and starting the service the service eventually times out and reports Warning communications lost with UPS. The ups is configured with the IP of the client and the client is configured with the correct passphrase (working on other machines which are using the PCNS software) Environment Distributor ID: Ubuntu Description: Ubuntu 12.04.2 … Read more

APC Power Controllers Inaccessible After Brief Power Loss

It seems like every time there is a brief power outage in our environment (1-2 second blip). There are generally a handful of APC power controllers that become inaccessible through network. The workaround is to unplug the device, wait a few seconds and plug it back in. Anyone have any ideas why this would happen … Read more

Is it possible to disassemble an APC Netshelter SX enclosure?

I need to move an APC Netshelter SX 48U from one room to another, but the new room is lower than the current one and I cannot install it without disassembling it. According to APC, these enclosures are not made to be disassembled, but I was wondering if anyone had tried to disassemble one these … Read more

What caused apache to crash?

I have a high load server using php/apache/APC working fine for months. In the last 2 days it has crashed midday. if I restart apache it works so the problem is probably in the apache/php/apc stack. It runs at up to 200 hits/sec running highly optimized PHP script with some algorithms. I use newrelic for … Read more