Apache Solr in openshift redhat application [closed]

Closed. This question is off-topic. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Update the question so it’s on-topic for Server Fault. Closed 7 years ago. Improve this question I have a drupal application on openshift redhat server and I would like to install apache solr for my search_api_solr module. Any ideas … Read more

solr is killing my server by taking a lot of resources

I have Ubuntu 9.10 server with 12G Ram/Quad Core/HD 80GB RAID. and i have installed solr lucidworks-enterprise-installer-1.7 on it to index a small database (about 20k articles). once our editors start to use solr functionalities to search for a specific article (our editors who use solr are 5 editors only), server-load goes up exponentially!! $ … Read more

Solr process gets killed immediately after starting

I just downloaded solr 4.8.0 from the apache website to my ubuntu 12.04, 64 Bit, 3GB ram VPS server and extracted it. Then I installed the openjdk-7-jre using this command: sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jre when I tried to start solr using the example start.jar (/solr/example/start.jar) using java -jar start.jar I get much output in the … Read more

How to install Solr 4.x on Tomcat via Puppet?

So far I’ve been using the following recipe for installing Solr 3.x on Tomcat 6: package { ‘openjdk-6-jdk’ : ensure => installed, } package { ‘solr-tomcat’ : ensure => installed, } exec { ‘tomcat-port’: command => “sed -i.bak ‘s|port=\”8080\”|port=\”8983\”|g’ /etc/tomcat6/server.xml”, path => [“/bin”, “/usr/bin”], } service { ‘tomcat6’ : ensure => running, require => Package[‘solr-tomcat’], … Read more

Server – should I add memory? [duplicate]

This question already has answers here: Can you help me with my capacity planning? (3 answers) Closed 2 years ago. We have a few servers on Google Cloud Platform. I enabled Google stackdriver and it looks like our Solr servers are consistently at 70%+ memory utilization. We can increase the memory if it is likely … Read more

SOLR Error 500: default search field ‘name’ not defined or not indexed

While I was trying to upgrade from Solr 3.5 to 4.6, I encountered this error. {msg=SolrCore ‘core0’ is not available due to init failure: default search field ‘name’ not defined or not indexed. Schema file is /opt/jetty/solr/./cores/core0/schema.xml,trace=org.apache.solr.common.SolrException: SolrCore ‘core0’ is not available due to init failure: default search field ‘name’ not defined or not indexed. … Read more

Ubuntu server; Backup of server and MySql database, and Solr database

How is backup done on ubuntu servers? I have a server (Ubuntu 9.10) which has apache2 installed, php5, mysql etc… The website is a classifieds website where all classifieds are stored in mysql and Solr. I need to backup this server with all information to be able to fully restore it if something goes wrong. … Read more