Can’t use the nameserver domain after installing cPanel/WHM

I have a VPS with Linode (CentOS 6.0 64bit), I just installed cPanel/WHM and though i only have 1 IP, i setup custom nameservers, both pointed to the same IP and it works.,

I pointed my other domains to and

I can access all the domains without any problem, The problem is i have created a new account for as well but i cannot access it.., I have pointed the nameservers correctly.. The error i get is “Server not found”

Is there any way to fix this?

My hostname is


did you setup the correct glue records for ns1 and

thats more than likely the reason why.

“Server not found” means your browser could not make a dns lookup or the lookup failed, try looking at or to resolve the dns issues

I should point out that its poor practice to run both your Nameservers on a single server, and some registrars even prevent you registering nameservers to the same IP completely

Source : Link , Question Author : Dhruv , Answer Author : anthonysomerset

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