Can’t extend partition on xubuntu

I have xubuntu remix and xubuntu dual booted. How do I remove xubuntu and fix boot?

Can I also extend xubuntu remix to take whole disc?

screenshot of gparted


Yes it is possible to extend Xubuntu remix to take the whole disk. Dont forget to backup your data before starting..

Resize and extend partitions

  • First boot into a live ubuntu, unmount all the partitions
  • using gparted delete the partation containing xubuntu (in your case sda6,sda5,and sda2)
  • now right click in the partition containing xubuntu remix(sda1) and select resize/move
  • then drag the end of partition to take all the space

Install grub

sudo grub-install /dev/YYY(sda)

where YYY is the disk where xubuntu remix is installed (eg. sda,sdb…etc)

Or use sudo update-grub

Source : Link , Question Author : dobby3698 , Answer Author : rajan

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