Can’t copy from hfs+ external

I’ve spent days and days trying to figure this out, but still can’t. I think I’ve read every article on this and tried all there is to try, and I still can’t copy any file from my mac-formatted hfs+ external drive. Sorry if there’s still an article I’ve missed..
I have disabled journaling and tried all the hfsprogs commands I could find, but still
whenever I click on a folder on the external and try to copy it to my home directory, I get this: “The folder foo cannot be handled because you don’t have permission to read its content.” I then found an article about inoring this by copying files through the Terminal. When trying to run the sudo cp -r command in the Terminal with my external drive path, I always get ‘no such file or directory’..
Does anyone have another suggestion for me?
Thanks in advance!


I had come across a similar issue when an old imac ppc g5 logic board went on me. I had alot of data on that hard drive that I had lost access to so I pulled the hard drive out and hooked it up to a hdd external case. When I tried to copy files from it to my Ubuntu box I got a permissions error. I tried alot of different things to rectify but to no avail. Alas.. The following should get you out of the woods.

open up terminal and type:

sudo nautilus

Using the GUI window that opens. Navigate to the directory where your files are located and copy the files you want then using the same nautilus GUI window navigate to the directory they are to be copied to and paste to that directory. Rinse & repeat.

Source : Link , Question Author : Janine , Answer Author : gingamann

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