Cannot ping any Windows device on local network, but can ping *nix

Strange issue started yesterday: I cannot ping any Windows PC on my local network.

I have (2) Windows 7 Pro devices, one of which was reimaged just before this issue started; (1) Windows 10 Education device; (1) Linux Mint 17.3 device; and an Android 7.0 device. No matter where I initiate a ping from, including my gateway, I cannot hit any of my Windows devices. I can hit my Linux and Android devices fine from any of the others though, including the Windows ones.

I have tried turning off A/V and Firewalls; rebooting all devices involved, including the router; flushing DNS from the Windows PC’s; I have looked for rules in the router and on the devices that might be blocking ICMP; and I have found nothing.

Unfortunately, I rebooted the router before pulling logs from it… so those are gone. I have not made any changes to these devices (other than a clean image on one of the Windows 7 PC’s), nor have I made changes to my router.

Everything worked fine until yesterday evening. I RDP’d into the freshly imaged PC to start reinstalling software and configuring the OS, etc. AVG on that device froze while I was configuring it and I had to hard boot the PC. When it came back up I was unable to RDP it again or ping it. Today I realized that I couldn’t ping any of the Windows PC on my network. Also, strange: I use xrdp on the Linux box and I can connect but not login to the box. SSH on that box works just fine though (I even tried to tunnel RDP through SSH and still no go). All of these devices connect to the internet just fine. They can ping any non-Windows device on the network.

Any suggestions or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Update: I connected my work laptop that has not been on my network since the issue first arose. It did not respond to a ping, nor did it receive a response from any other Windows devices, but it could ping my Linux box. So, I performed a factory reset on my router… did not make a difference.


Windows 10 doesn’t return a ping by default. I’m guessing Windows 7 doesn’t either. Have you ever pinged one of the Windows machines successfully before?

Source : Link , Question Author : redbiscuit , Answer Author : dogoncouch

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