Can I use Windows server 2012 and Ubuntu LTS 14.04 server in a single machine?

For setting up Moodle, I want to install Ubuntu server LTS 14.04 in a machine. But it already has Windows server 2012. Can I install Ubuntu server without losing Windows server 2012?


You can use different virtualization tools to do this. Depending on your specific Windows license, you might use Hyper-V to run Ubuntu, or you run both inside a VM on e.g. ESXi or KVM or countless other approaches.

However, doing this might be a bad idea, depending on even more factors like the hardware used and the use case, especially that of your Windows Server – using an AD DC as Hyper-V host is generally considered a very bad idea.

Source : Link , Question Author : harikrishnan p , Answer Author : Sven

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