Can I cluster desktops to create a single ESXi VM pool?

I have 8 desktops of HP Elite 8000 make with quad core intel and 16 GB ram each. Can I somehow club them to get a single ESXi interface where I can create multiple VMs for users to connect?

How many VMs of lets say Win7 with 2GB ram each can this pool support if possible?

I want to avoid purchasing dedicated hardware like Dell R430 which could solve the purpose


No – have you not read even the most basic of information on this? We expect much more from serverfault users sorry.

You could buy eight vSphere licences and a licence for vCenter, install ESXi on each box, install vCenter and create a single 8-host cluster – it would have 32 cores and 128GB of memory which would support around 48-96 of your VMs. But this would end up costing you more than just buying one decent standalone server and using the free ESXi licence on that, which would support the same number of machines. Also Windows 7 is end-of-support so why would you use that, and if you have a lot of similar VMs you’d do better looking at VMware’s Horizon 7 product anyway.

Source : Link , Question Author : t4u51f , Answer Author : Chopper3

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