Can a 69,85 cm hp ssf proliant sit in a 800mm rack.

Hi can a hp proliant that is specified to be 69,85 cm in length fit into a 800mm closed rack. No air holes at the front of the rack. But there is a cooling unit attached to the rack. There will be a cat 6 copper LAN cable at the back and c13 plug(right angled if nessecary)


I don’t know.

  • What the of rack is this?
  • Why is it closed?
  • Are there security concerns?
  • Is the server the only device in the rack?

More context is better than less…

See: What to look for in a server rack?

Don’t be this guy: Server won’t physically fit in rack: which technical problems will I face in future if I force the mount?

I tell people that modern HP servers are incredibly efficient and can run in a variety of conditions. The thermal and cooling control available in a DL380p Gen8 server is quite comprehensive. If you just have one, you can toss it on a shelf at normal room temperate and be fine. I wouldn’t go to extremes to accommodate the server.

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