Best way to secure a second Linux server with SSL used only to serve files

I have my main HTTP server which has a SSL cert for my website, all is good. I have invested in a second server (higher bandwidth) to serve my downloads so the main HTTP server isn’t being bogged down with download bandwidth.

My question is how do I serve those files over HTTPS on the second server? It doesn’t have a domain tied to it, I’m simply pointing at the IP for the download links.

The servers are in separate data centers if that makes any difference.


If your main site is simply off-load (big) downloads and other content to a subdomain that points to your second server. Common names would be,, download(s), etc. you get the idea 🙂 Arrange a corresponding TLS certificate and Bob’s your uncle

Source : Link , Question Author : twigg , Answer Author : HBruijn

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