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We have been running the free version of Citrix XenServer for about 2 years now and it has worked OK for the most part, but we have also had our issues with it. (problems with bootloaders on various guest OS, bugs with VDIs) and most of all, we have reached a point where our hardware is no longer supported. We cannot receive anymore updates because our DL360s are not supported for XenServer 6.5 and we are now in a position where newer operating systems are no longer being added to the templates list.

In contrast, we also have one standalone proxmox box, it has a few VMs on it, all of which are running on Linux. The OpenVZ containers, are, to say the least, amazingly efficient and I am loving using them but proxmox really lacks the ability to do any sort of HA without physical “fencing devices”. That concept sounds really strange to me, and not very reliable.

In short I would like an open-source hypervisor that is:

  • Able to do HA
  • Able to do efficient Linux Container Virtualization, like OpenVZ
  • Preferably also able to do Windows
  • Supports a wide range of guest OSes (read: less restrictive than the XenServer template list)

Has anyone had any experience with something like this? I have been looking into SmartOS and OmniOS, but their ability to cluster, and many other aspects of the OS are unclear to me.


Have a look at the latest release of proxmox. The HA implementation is really straight forward and works really well. The HA Simulator lets you simulate a real-world HA cluster so you can see how it works and experiment, without affecting live nodes.

See Proxmox HA Guide

It is open source, and is free to download and use. They do require a subscription to get the Enterprise updates, but the non-subscription updates work well. The latest version does not support OpenVZ. They have moved to LXC (Linux containers).

Source : Link , Question Author : Riley , Answer Author : Gmck

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