AWS Reserved IP addresses [closed]

I have multiple VPC in my account and I created most of VPC using subnet or or subnet blocks.

I am exhausted with my range due to not optimizing the IP address properly and adding a wrong route of under a VPC. I got to know about this when I tried attempted to establish VPC peering between two different VPC of subnet. I got to know later that I can use CIDR range and as private address in aws to create VPC. Also I created a VPC with CIDR and it works.

How come aws can offer multiple IP range for private IP address to create VPC and multiple subnet under VPC? Can somebody help me to understand aws private IP range?

Is this something being virtual we can use any range of IP address as private address? How does this not affect connectivity from aws server to internet if we can choose any random CIDR as private IP address or there is some limit?

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