Asterisk – Video Recording on current version (18.6.0)

I’ve setup Asterisk to be able to accept inbound video connections and setup an extension to record as follows:
pjsip.conf contains:

type = endpoint
transport = transport-tls-nat
force_rport = yes
ice_support = yes
direct_media = no
context = video
disallow = all
allow = h264,ulaw

extensions.conf contains:

exten = 2001,1,Verbose(1, "${CALLERID(num)} dialed in.")
 same = n,Answer()
 same = n,Wait(2)
 same = n,Record("/recording/file.wav",0,30,qf)
 same = n,Hangup()

I’m able to use Linphone to establish a connection to, but when the Record gets triggered the console outputs:

[Sep 29 17:44:37] WARNING[6614][C-00000001]: file.c:1504 ast_writefile: No such format 'h264'

(repeatedly as long as I stay connected).

I’ve looked at file.c and the message comes after it traverses the &formats – adding debugging information to that function, I find that it doesn’t contain any video codecs… just:


Various things on the internet (more than a few years old now) said that the above should work.

Is there a way to record video on a current version of Asterisk? I’ve found a reference to app_mp4 on the net, but it requires the mpeg4ip library which hasn’t been maintained for 14+ years.


In modules.conf I was missing:

load =

Once I added that, it creates the files (although still having issues playing them back using Playback, but that wasn’t my initial question)

Source : Link , Question Author : Alcanzar , Answer Author : Alcanzar

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