Apple XServe 2,1 Questions (ESXi, Temp) [closed]

So I have Apple XServe 2, 1 (Earlier 2008 model)

I am trying to install ESXi 5.1 on it. I’ve read it that it’s possible. I’be burnt the ESXi ISO to a dvd-r. I am now trying to boot from it but I have no luck on that. I’ve looked at: Startup Disk, and I dont see my cd listed there as bootable.

I’ve also tried the Power OFF, System ID approach but no luck on that either.

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong ?

  1. My CPU’s are running 45C – 50C, is that a safe temp to keep ?

  2. I shutdown my XServe, however the fans are still running. Is that normal ? Is there a way to disable that ?

Sorry for “noob-ish” questions, I am just new to it all. The main purpose for this server is to be able to run multiple vms.


The XServe 2,1 is not on the ESXi 5.1 HCL. The XServer 3,1 is as well as the Mac Pro 5,1, but considering all XServes are end of life, I really wouldn’t recommend running ESXi on any Apple rackmount hardware.

Source : Link , Question Author : AAA , Answer Author : MDMarra

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