App is accessible through Unity Launcher but can’t access through terminal

I had installed Sublime Text 3 a few months back, and using some online resource I had made it accessible through Unity Launcher(unfortunately, I don’t remember which resource, or how I did it).

So, currently I can only open Sublime Text using launcher and to open a new file I have to use the menu(or Control+N).

I want to be able to open a file in sublime text using terminal.i.e something like:sublime_text newfile.txt.

Steps I took:


I searched and found that SublimeText folder(and the script) was in /opt directory.So I wrote a 2 line script to point to the script and run it, and then wrote an an alias called Sublime_Text to run that script and put it in the .bashrc file.

So now I can write Sublime_Text and it opens the sublime_text3 editor, but command like Sublime_Text newfile.txt does not give me a new file(only opens sublime_text and no newfile)


I tried to copy the sublime_text script originally in the /opt/sublime_text folder into /usr/bin/ directory (since vim, vi and other terminal commands are kept in that folder). Unfortunately,sublime_text newfile.txt shows several errors like:

Error loading colour scheme Packages/Color Scheme - Default/All Hallow's Eve.tmTheme: Unable to open Packages/Color Scheme - Default/All Hallow's Eve.tmTheme

and other 3 errors of the form:
Error loading syntax file"XYZ"


You can launch Sublime Text 3 using subl or subl file in the terminal.

Source : Link , Question Author : viv1 , Answer Author : ShadowMitia

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