Alternative program foe vSphere with VMWare ESXi [closed]

I’ve bought my dedicated server and chose VMWare ESXi and manage everything using the vSphere 5 client. It says “60-day evaluation” on the client. Does this mean I only have 60 days to trial vSphere client before I have to purchase their expensive license or what? I’m a bit confused.

If that’s what that means, what’s a free alternative of vSphere 5?


The vSphere client doesn’t require a license. The warning is related to your vSphere host. It means that it’s running in 60 day trial mode where you can use features such as HA, DRS, FT, etc. After 60 days you’ll only be able to use the features of the free edition of vSphere.

Source : Link , Question Author : user2506542 , Answer Author : joeqwerty

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