Adding drivers to a non bootable drive

I have a server 2008 installation with a faulty motherboard. I have changed the motherboard and Windows blue screens on boot up. It is caused by the SATA drivers.

I’m trying to find a method of installing the drivers manually without booting Windows. My first idea was to create a WIM and then inject the drivers when I re-mount the image, however my new company doesn’t have the windows AIK for creating WIM’s.

Can anyone suggest a suitable method for adding the drivers using a 3rd party freeware or trial tool?

I have already looked at Casper and o&o.


In case anyone stumbles onto this later on … I’d suggest using Windows RE (either from a specifically created RE DVD or the Windows Install DVD or via pressing F8 during Windows bootup).

When Booted up, select command prompt, and start any driver installation you got (on a USB drive for example) from there.

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