Access Server 2003 formatted HDD from W7 installation

I have a server problem, not sure what the best approach may be. The scenario is this:
OS: Server 2003
The OS was on dedicated IDE drive; there are 2x1TB SATA drives which were in a Windows software RAID1, formatted to NTFS.

The dedicated drive crashed, the kind of crash where you can hear rw heads scraping the platter. Anyhow, what I would like to do is access the data on one of the (intact) SCSI drives via Windows 7. The drive is hooked up; Win7 can see it as a hardware device, but not as a volume.

I’m trying to avoid the hassle of installing Server 2003 (assuming I can even find a copy) just so I can access the SATA drives, since all I want to do is migrate the data (~800G) to another server (that isn’t 8 years old).


After much wailing and gnashing of teeth it turns out the drives needed to be imported as foreign content (in disk management). In hindsite the solution was relatively simple, but most problems are when you know the solution 🙂 Thanks for the input, it led me to the cure.

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